More Natural Dyeing at Meet the Wool

I have been doing more natural dyeing, using up some materials left over from the dyeing and spinning workshop.

There were flowers from meadow sweet, chamomile and ragwort which I had picked over the summer and then frozen. Since they had thawed, I decided to make use of them in dye baths. The wool was mordanted first in alum and the dye baths prepared, soaking and then boiling the flowers.

The chamomile dyed a pale yellow. For the meadow sweet, I added copper to the dye bath and it produced a golden yellow. The ragwort bath was modified with iron and produced a dark green.
During the workshop Clare had chosen Madder root for one of her dye materials and when she was finished, I saved the leftover dye bath for a second dip. This time instead of bright orange/red, I got a paler orange/peach colour.

Left to right: madder, ragwort, chamomile, meadow sweet

There are so many natural materials available in the countryside and eventually I’ll try most of them!

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