Natural Dyed Wool

Natural Dyed Wool

It’s been awhile since I last wrote, but now that the holidays are behind and my new puppy is house trained, back to the studio to dye and spin.

I’m experimenting with natural dyes and have had some success using cherry bark, oak galls, lichen, ladies mantle flowers, and madder/cochineal.  The results are shown left to right in the photo.  I will be trying many more and see what results are forthcoming.

Wool dyed with cherry bark, oak galls, lichen, flowers, madder/cochineal

I’ve probably mentioned the book, A Dyer’s Manual, by Jill Goodwin which is my natural dyeing bible.  Also extremely helpful has been Wild Color by Jenny Dean.  Both of these can be purchased on Abe Books’ web site.  Natural dyes can be very rewarding, but very disappointing at times.  If you would like to experiment and enter a natural dye project being held in the U.K., go to

Not sure if I will enter but will see how my time goes and if I get organized.

The wool which was solar dyed (previous blog) I’ve used to create a yarn for St. Patrick’s Day…

solar dyed greens

I’ve also been enjoying spinning a natural black Romney lamb’s wool.  I’ve spun it “in the grease” as the fleece is so short and soft when washed, it is much harder to spin.  I’m loving the results:

natural black Romney

My sheep are now pregnant (Beau was a success) and lambs will be coming in March.  I am excited about what fleece will result and will be updating here with photos.

I have a new helper in the studio, Winnie, the newest addition to our family.  She’s a great help and Charley has agreed to share his spot on the cushion with her.

Charley and Winnie helping

Now it’s back outside to continue carding and spinning!


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