New: Wool Washing and Dyeing Shed

New:  Wool Washing and Dyeing Shed

I wanted to update you on our lambs, Zack Angel and Eliza. They are now 5 and 4 months respectively and continue to provide us with love and laughs. They will also be providing me with lovely, soft fleeces next summer.

I also am very proud and happy with a new shed that has been installed especially for washing, dyeing and storing the fleece. It was getting quite crowded in the spinning studio and my back was suffering from washing in the bath tub. Now I have huge wash tubs, a cooker for dyeing and space to store raw fleece and all my dyes and supplies. Makes life a lot easier!

Now that lots of wildflowers and hedgerows are in bloom, I’ve been doing more experimenting with natural dyes. The most recent were with meadowsweet flowers and heather tops.

The meadowsweet gives a subdued yellow on its own and then I overdyed with indigo, resulting in a green.

meadowsweet and indigo overdye

The heather tops provided a nice rich taupe colour.

heather tops


I’ve also frozen some dye plants for use over the winter and will see how they turn out. I will be planning a couple of dyeing and spinning workshops in the autumn, probably late October or early November. I will be posting the details on this website in about two weeks.
The lichen (Ochrelechia) dyed wool which I posted about previously has been spun into a lovely yarn. I blended the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th dyes together on the drum carder and this was the resulting yarn:

lichen ochrelechia

I’ll be demonstrating traditional spinning at a couple of events next weekend: Saturday at the Hooker Festival in Kinvara which is happening the 18, 19, and 20th August. Then on Sunday, the 20th of August, there is a spinning day at Cragganowen near Quin. If you have a wheel, or just want to observe, drop by on the day as there should be lots of spinning and talk going on.


  1. Just amazing and beautiful!

    • Hi Di! Thanks for the compliment. I can’t tell you how much fun I’m having playing in dirty fleece and mixing dyes.


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