Autumn Workshop for Dyeing and Spinning

Autumn Workshop for Dyeing and Spinning

I’m organizing my third autumn spinning workshop for beginners this year. One day just hasn’t been enough time for students to practice much on the wheel, so this year’s will be held for two days….28th and 29th October. Also this year I’ll be showing how to dye wool using natural materials. On the first day, each student will choose his/her dye material and will prepare the materials. We will also be going over the basics of carding and spinning on the wheel. The second day will be spent dyeing each skein in the chosen material and spending most of the day practicing on the spinning wheels. Should be lots of fun for me as well as the attendees. More details are on my workshop page.
In addition to getting organized for the workshop, I’ve been watching the lambs grow up. All three are healthy and already growing nice fleeces for next year.

Angel at 6 months

Eliza at 5 months

Zack at 6 months

I’ve also been going on long walks in the forest with the dogs. The weather has been pretty good and I get ideas for colours for the yarn. This week I saw an unusual fungus growing along the edge of the path. Haven’t tried to identify it, but the orange colour would be great for yarns in autumnal colours.
My new washing/dyeing shed has been busy, too, as I’m trying to get all this year’s fleeces clean and ready for the wheel. My least favourite job, but must be done. So, I’m up to my eyeballs with fleece!


  1. I am interested in Autumn workshop.

    • That’s great, Maria. Once you are certain you will be attending, please get back in touch and a deposit will be required to hold your place. Looking forward to meeting you.

      • Thank you Sandra. When does deposit need to be paid by and how much please.


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