Meet The Sheep


A 2 year old Wensleydale who is somewhat on the “prissy” side. Her locks grow very long and I love to use them to spin silky yarns

The Lambs

“ We kept three of the five lambs, twins Zack and Angel and also Eliza. The twins are big pets, who greet me at the gate each morning for a kiss and cuddle. Such a nice way to start my day! “


A 2 year old Wensleydale who is the most cautious of the three. Her locks aren’t quite as long as Rose’s, but are more tightly curled. They make great lock spun yarns.


This May bank holiday weekend was perfect for Woolapalooza which took place in the lovely Airfield Estate, Dundrum, Dublin.  What wonderful weather and what an appropriate venue for a... read more

Spinning Coils

For the past few days, I’ve been trying to master spinning coils. There are tutorials on You Tube of different methods of spinning coils, but my favourite explanation is... read more